Dyson Safe & Lock Inc.

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Banking Services

Our locksmith and safe services to Banks and Credit Unions in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario include, but are not limited to:

  • Vault opening, repair and servicing
  • Safe openings and repairs
  • Compartment opening and repair
  • ATM opening, repair and servicing
  • CDU and Cash re-cycler open and repair
  • Night depository opening, repair and servicing
  • Night depository head repair, rebuild or replacement
  • Safe deposit box opening and repair
  • Safe deposit keys cut
  • Delay action timer (DAT) service, repair and replacement
  • Teller wicket repair
  • Combination changes
  • Time lock opening, repair and servicing
  • Handle and bolt-work repair
  • Service contracts
  • Locksmith services

If you don't see your particular problem listed please call us at 613-620-8889 or e-mail us at info@dysonsafe.com with any questions.